Exploration Done Right

How Can We Serve You?

We used to talk about ourselves here, but we realized that you don’t really care about Geotronics’ decades of experience or other promises.  It’s really about what we can do for you. This is just some of the ways our services can benefit you and your company:

1. We’ve made a lot of discoveries.

Gold, uranium, bedrock, buried tanks.  We use advanced survey techniques in the  geophysical, geochemical, and geological fields to acquire the right data.  And we have a long history of success, in part because we are quick to develop and adopt new techniques both in the field and in interpretation and modelling.

See a few of our discoveries here.

2. Our reports are technical, accurate, and readable.

We stay ahead of advances in survey techniqes and data modeling.  Our 45+ years experience and discovery history coupled with our survey skill mean you’re getting the best possible data.

Further, whether you’re an investor or a fellow geophysicist our reports make sense.  We don’t hide behind jargon. That’s why our clients will often ask us to write press releases – combining technical knowledge with clear English.

3. We solve problems – no matter how varied.

Exploration and surveys – whether a single induced polarisation survey or a massive exploratory program – have many variables and complexities.  This is often complicated by the remoteness of work sites.

We’ve worked in every kind of survey condition.  From the peaks of mountains to deserts to -30 below.  Our survey techniques and experience allow us to succeed in any area – from Papa New Guinea to the Arctic circle.

We find ways around problems.  And not just those involve surveys themselves – we deal with investors, sit on company boards, and much more.  When you have a problem, we help solve in.

4. We have a mountain of experience.

Why should you care?

If you have a problem, we’ve encountered it.  Whether field difficulties or difficult geology, our experience allows us to find a solution for your company to succeed.  That means better data, better results, clearly communicated.

How much experience? Over 40 years, hundreds of government reports (most in B.C.), a massive variety of survey types.  MMI soil sampling, induced polarization, GPR, seismic reflection/refraction – we have run (and offer) more surveys than we even bother to list on this website.  We operate out of Vancouver, B.C. but we’ve worked in Papa New Guinea, Cuba, Asia, Africa, etc. etc. etc.


Every survey type is a response to a specific problem.  You might be trying to find mineral gold or placer gold, or attempting to map bedrock, or have a property with confusing geology.  Often our clients want to identify potential drill locations.  So we offer the following surveys to attempt to solve these varied problems.

We also conduct geophysical surveys in the geotechnical and environmental fields.

We are also applying our survey experience to the agricultural and viticultural industries.  If interested, please contact us  or for more information click the button below:

Downhole Induced Polarisation and Resistivity using I.P. to find gold, silver, and minerals with geophysics in B.C.

Project Management

Geotronics has decades of experience in running exploration programs.  Because of our experience with geology, geophysics, geochemistry, and the mining industry, we are able to keep projects on budget, on time, and have success in discovery.

We primarily work on greenfield properties although we have also have a lot of experience with current and past producing properties.


Reports & Interpretation

Reports serve 3 purposes:

  1. To inform the client about the work done on the property.
  2. To raise money.
  3. To meet government regulations.

These are the 3 goals we have in writing our reports.  While we have more than enough technical expertise (again, over 45 years of experience in mining exploration) we also write with clarity and simplicity.  Investors, or anyone else, will have no difficulty understanding our analysis and interpretation.